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slash_xlove's Journal

Slash_xlove - A Place for Slash and Het
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Welcome to Slash_xlove! This community is a place for slash, but also het. If are a homophobe, you have absolutely no reason to be here. Don't start flame wars, because you will be banned. I don't need anymore drama in my life; I've had enough of it at my school.

You can post fanfics here, but place them under a lj-cut. For example:
Title: your title
Author: your name
Pairing: your pairing or pairings
Rating: G, PG-13, R, or NC-17
Disclaimer:Don't own. Don't sue.(or something similar)
Notes:Anything that will freak the reader out? Put it here.
I repeat:
No bashing! I've had enough flame wars at my school! I do NOT need them here!
Pretty much, if you're in any way a homophobe, I'll personally get my imaginary flesh-eating fish to attack you.[[RAWR]]

And one last thing, if you are going to introduce youeself, you can use the form below if you'd like.

Tell us about yourself:
What are your favorite bands?: